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The World Famous Carbon Fiber Enzo! It is coming to the United States and will be displayed at "The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering" in Carmel, CA on August 19th 2016. Please visit: http://signatureevents.peninsula.com/en/Motorsports/Motorsports.html for event tickets and details. The Carbon Fiber Enzo is the only full exposed carbon fiber bodied Ferrari Enzo on the planet! It was completed by Ferrari's custom body shop, Zanasi www.zanasiferrari.it/ in Maranello, Italy. It features a full gloss carbon fiber body with red carbon fiber interior. The seats are red alcantara with black quilted stitching. The car features a stainless steel "Fuchs" exhaust system and many other special touches. (All original parts, but an original silver set of Enzo Wheels, lugs and new tires come with the car.) It was the first full gloss carbon fiber bodied Ferrari and has been the inspiration of many special cars that have come after it. The Carbon Fiber Enzo is currently German Specification. It can be converted to US Spec if the buyer so wishes. Please contact Danny Baker at +1 (314) 267-9890.

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