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With DS Services we have you covered. You can feel confident knowing that you are able to complete your entire transaction from A-Z. After you find the car you're looking for you can easily select the following types of services from your account dashboard specific to your region:

Shipping and transport companies

Vehicle financing

Attorney services such as power of attorney and escrow

Inspection companies to give you a comprehensive report on vehicles

Modification shops to personalize your car

Get an instant cash offer on your car if you don't want to wait*

We also have international shipping & air cargo providers to help get your latest aquisition anywhere you need. Just in case you're worried about sending money to someone you don't know? Hire one of our trusted attorneys to handle your legal and financial transaction to ensure security to both you and the seller.

Trucking, Shipping & Air Services

Use one of our trusted transporters to pick up and drop off your latest purchase. You can select from an array of fully insured and bonded transport companies. Please see a list of some of our key partners below:

Service:  Trucking
Region:  USA
Website:  LINK

Here at Intercity Lines we have proudly offered first-rate service in the automobile transport business since 1980. We are a family-owned business that takes pride in providing door-to-door service with the highest quality fleet of trucks. Your vehicle will remain safe and secure while riding in our state of the art, fifty-three foot fully enclosed air-ride trailers. In addition, your vehicle will be handled by the same driver from the start of its journey to the finish, every time. Our drivers are the best in the business and have years of experience shipping all types of vehicles from antiques to exotics. We take pride in providing the highest standard of safety and service available in the automobile transport industry.

Service:  Trucking/Shipping
Region:  USA / Worldwide
Website:  LINK

Schumacher Cargo Logistics, Inc. is an international vehicle shipping and overseas relocation company based in Los Angeles, California since 1977. We have our own offices and warehouse locations in Houston, Texas and Elizabeth, New Jersey, as well as contractor locations in Miami, Florida and Savannah, Georgia. Whether you are moving automobiles, motorcycles, boats, household goods shipments, or general cargo, you will be comfortable knowing that Schumacher Cargo Logistics will take care of all aspects of your relocation needs. For more information on our auto transport and international shipping services contact us today.

Financing, Legal/Escrow Services

Worried about sending money to someone you don't know? Hire one of DS' trusted attorneys to help you with the paperwork and financial side of the transaction. This will help give peace of mind to all parties. Please see below a few of our partner attorneys:

Service:  Attorney
Region:  USA
Website:  LINK

The Bunker Law Goup, PLLC can provide you with all of your financial transaction needs securing your transactions all over the globe. Bunker Group will ensure that both parties feel secure throughout the entire transaction process. 

Service:  Attorney
Region:  Middle East (GCC)
Website:  LINK

Prime Claims Recovery Services LLC: We ensure and guarantee that the steps, which we undertake, are being performed in full compliance with Dubai Laws and regulations. Every step we conduct receives the former acceptance and validation of high-ranking authorities in Dubai. We act through the contacts that Mr. Al Suwaidi has in UAE, in a more proactive and efficient way than the local Court system usually offers. Basically, the local authorities consider that some cases are worth being treated in priority, and we ensure that our client’s cases match such local expectations. The Dubai government does not tolerate that people act in contradiction with international standards, and we ensure that our client’s rights be safeguarded, in full compliance of the legal system.

Inspection Services

So you decided on that dream car and found it on DS! Worried about the condition and validating the description? Hire a trusted inspection company to give you a detailed and comprehensive report on the condition before you complete the transaction. See below some of our trusted inspection companies.

Service:  Inspection
Region:  USA
Website:  LINK

Our mission at Automobile Inspections is to provide you with the premium service you should expect from a leader in the industry. We understand how important a vehicle inspection is and how costly it can be if one key element is overlooked. Our view has always been that if you do not get all the information you need from an auto appraisal, then you might as well not have bothered at all. That is why we make it our goal at each pre-purchase car inspection is to ensure that you receive all of the information you need to make an informed decision before buying.

Modification Services

Use one of our trusted modification shops to personalize your vehicle the way you want it. Please see a list of some of our key partners below:


Service:  Modification
Region:  UAE
Website:  LINK

Simon Motorsport is an exclusive, German, luxury and exotic car-tuning company that modifies high-end vehicles to improve overall performance and appearance. A broad range of product suppliers has been carefully selected to give our customers the best tuning products available in the market. Our focus lies on German made car brands, like Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche, but with similar passion we tune Lamborghini, Maserati, Ferrari, Bugatti and more.

We are a “one stop shop”. We can tune the engine, install wheels, suspension, brakes, but also high quality body kits, carbon fiber exterior parts, high end exhaust systems, wrapping and complete car conversions, all at the same place. You don’t have to visit three or four shops to create the car you really want. Come to Simon Motorsport and we’ll do it all for you. And if you need anything we don’t sell, we will take care of it for you if the products you are looking for meet our high quality standards. Drop off your car, tell us what you need, we will handle it. You only have to suffer sitting impatiently for that call from us to pick up your improved car. On request we can even send you pictures of your car while all the work is carried out, so you can follow the progress straight from your smart phone.

Service:  Modification
Region:  USA
Website:  LINK

Hyper Car Development enhances the performance of your McLaren 570S, MP4-12C, 650S or 675LT with our Hyper800, Hyper1000, Hyper1200 and Hyper1500 Systems. HyperCar is not content with simply tuning an engine without upgrading the necessary components. We provide the highest quality engineering and balance for the adrenalized car owner. Depending on the level of insanity that you desire, we offer 4 PHASES of innovative engineering to take your car to the upper echelon of speed and control.


What are DS's fees?

-DS has no hidden fees and has created different packages to best suit your needs whether you are a Dealer or a regular Consumer. This allows all members of our exclusive network to maximize off of an array of services that we provide. You can see a full range of packages for both Dealers and Consumers Packages HERE

Does DS's take any commission?

-DS does not collect any commission on sales

What if the car I want to buy has difference regional specifications? (ex: Euro Spec)

-Some vehicles share regional specificactions while others may require modifications in order to license and register in other countries. The buyer should be aware of their local policies regarding vehicle importation. For the USA you can click HERE for more information regarding compliance

How do I ship a car I am interested in buying?

-Use one of our trusted shipping, trucking or even air cargo companies to safely transport your latest purchase. You can select from an array of fully insured and bonded transport companies. You can access a full list of companies from your user DASHBOARD page and search by the region of your choice

How do I securely send money to make a purchase?

-If you are not comfortable sending money to someone then you can use one of our trusted attorneys to help you with any paperwork and financial transfers. You can access a full list of companies from your user DASHBOARD page and search by the region of your choice

How can I be sure the description of the car is accurate?

-If you are not able to see the car in person you can use one of DS' trusted vehicle inspection services. They can provide you with a full comprehensive report like you were inspecting the car yourself!  You can access a full list of companies from your user DASHBOARD page and search by the region of your choice