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Your use of sites (collectively referred to herein as "Dealer Souq" ) and/or services provided by Dealer Souq constitutes your agreement to be bound by the following terms and conditions of use:

Dealer Souq offers services whereby members may advertise, publish, and solicit wholesale transactions limited to Highline automobiles. Dealer Souq hereby asserts its right to act as a common carrier with respect to member-supplied content.

Dealer Souq does not assume any responsibility of any listings or claims made by it's users.

Dealer Souq does not involve itself in any financial transactions regarding its listings.

Dealer Souq is strictly a forum for members to advertise, promote and request vehicles.

Dealer Souq reserves to right to validate postings by any member and failure to comply may result in deletion of listings and/or banned membership.

Dealer Souq reserves the right, append, edit, or otherwise change the factual content of solicitations (“postings”) by any user. Dealer Souq reserves the right to remove or block postings that do not comply with the terms herein, but assumes no responsibility to do so.

Dealer Souq does not assume any responsibility to publish corrections, clarifications, or retractions regarding the content of any user posting, although it may do so at its sole discretion.

Dealer Souq assumes no responsibility to arbitrate disputes arriving from or incidental to use of the service. Dealer Souq may participate in mediative activities between users in the event of disagreement, but its judgement and opinions are non-binding, and Dealer Souq shall have no stake or liability in any such transaction.

Billing occurs on the first of the month. Credit cards are charged on the 10th of each month. All accounts will be considered late at the one-month anniversary of any unsatisfied payments. After being late for 10 days, your account may be disabled for nonpayment, at which time you will not be able to use the service.

Your membership may be canceled at any time, for any reason, by the management of Dealer Souq. In the event of a dispute between members, Dealer Souq management may accept or solicit a finding of fault from the dealer council. If you are found at fault in a dispute, and the nature of the dispute is deemed serious enough, you will be removed “for cause”, in which case your name and business name will be published on the site, so that users of the site may use this information in evaluating possible future business dealings. Dealer Souq reserves the right to choose who may or may not become a member of our Dealer community due to the fact this is a private membership and not a public domain.

Your account is for a single place of business. Separate business addresses and/or entities must be registered independently for accounts with Dealer Souq. It is assumed that all members on your account are duly authorized agents of your institution. If it is found that members have been placed under your account without such agency, Dealer Souq reserves the right to terminate any such users, place restrictions on your ability to add additional members, and may bill you retroactively, as for a separate account, for any services rendered.

Images uploaded to DealerSouq.com can be used by Dealer souq for marketing, promotional purposes and more. Upon you uploading images to DealerSouq.com , the site does not need permissionto use the images youhave uploaded for any reason. Images at that point will belong to the DSQ database and can be used anytime either currently or in the future. DealerSouq will not pay to use any images that have been uploaded to its site by you. By loading images on DealerSouq it is made abundantly clear you expect to use DSQ's services in order to market, promote and help sell your vehicle , drive traffic to your business and or obtain more exposure through their services.