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Shipping & Transport of your Luxury Vehicle

So you bought your dream car and now you need to ship it. Hopefully you have done all your homework and figured out all of the paperwork required for shipment, or maybe you just paid someone to take care of the full process for you. There are several different types of transport where you may use one or several depending on your location.

  • Air: sending your vehicle via aircraft, this being the fastest but of course the most costly option to transport your vehicle
  • Sea: there are two types of shipping via the sea.
    • Container: these allow you to send you vehicle as well as personal goods which are locked and stored within a container.
    • Roll On – Roll Off (RoRo) which allows you to send your vehicle only (no personal articles)

Both will take approximately the same amount of time however costs of RoRo are typically cheaper as it is dedicated for vehicles only where shipping containers can be filled with anything and customs may require inspections and intensive scanning inside the container to validate the contents where RoRo  it is already known and confirmed to be automotive only.

  • Transport: In most cases once your vehicle arrives from overseas it will still need to be transported inland via truck or perhaps train to its final destination. These again can be on an open trailer, closed trailer or container.

For international transport it is important to refer to our last topic covering duties and taxes. There are many formalities and forms that need to be done prior to shipment to ensure compliance or you could suffer from storage fees or rejection and even fines at the destination for not complying with the proper process.

It is important to choose an experienced shipper who can confidently answer questions regarding your shipment and sometimes there will be a shipping broker involved who you will want to ensure is familiar with the route and process you are about to undergo. If your shipper does not communicate well or does not have good feedback, find another as this is one of the most concerning portions of the transaction process as all of your trust is put in someone who you cannot control their process.

Remember to always have insurance when shipping your items and ensure the coverage protects you from the moment the vehicle is picked up until it is dropped off to you personally. Unfortunately, depending on the route of your shipment, your vehicle may be moved around in the hands of someone not near as careful as you would be yourself if you were the shipper.

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